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  • Elena
  • I have learned Chinese for several years. I changed more than 3 teachers. I need a systemic and efficient studying. And I want to know more about china , Chinese and Chinese culture. Then my friend introduced me Mandarin Garden. What the teacher there gav
  • Alicia
  • Through the Chinese culture activities, I make many friends from all over the world. I learnt how to make dumplings, rice dumplings and flower arrangement. I like the activities of Mandarin Garden. They enriched my life in Shanghai.
  • Conni
  • I am glad to study in Mandarin Garden. My teacher is very nice and helpful, and the staff of the school is nice to me. I love Chinese and I love to learn Chinese. It’s very practical. I will try to learn it well.
  • Pierre
  • Mandarin Garden is a great place to get to know Chinese culture and to learn Chinese.They offer plenty of activities for an even profounder knowledge.The atmosphere is professional and at the same time relaxed.
  • Niels
  • I don’t like studying in a boring class. i wish my teacher can always be passionate and push me to study further. In Mandarin Garden, I found the right teacher for me and now I enjoy my class very much. Thanks a lot.
  • Tomas
  • I have compared several schools before my decision. I want to learn Chinese well and I also like to know Chinese culture. And I think the attitude of the teacher, the consultant here are all very positive. I like to stay with them and get the care from th


Children's Day

儿童节,也叫“六一国际儿童节”,每年的6月1日举行,是全世界少年儿童的共同节日9DhLearn chinese in shanghai,Learn mandarin, Mandaringarden
第二次世界大战期间的1942年6月,德国法西斯qiang杀了捷克利迪策村16岁以上 的男性公民140余人和全部婴儿,并把妇女和90名儿童押往集中营。村里的房舍、 建筑物均被烧毁,好端端的一个村庄就这样被德国法西斯给毁了。为悼念利迪策村和全世界所有在法西斯侵略战争中死难的儿童,反对帝国主义战争贩子虐杀和毒害儿童,保障儿童权利;为了保障世界各国儿童的生存权、保健权和受教育权,为了改善儿童的生活,1949年11月,国际民主妇女联合会在莫斯科举行理事会议,中国和各国代表愤怒地揭露了帝国主义分子和各国反动派残杀、毒害儿童的罪行,国际民主妇女联合会执委会正式决定每年6月1日为全世界少年儿童的节日,即国际儿童节。9DhLearn chinese in shanghai,Learn mandarin, Mandaringarden
在此以前,世界上的许多国家就有儿童节。1925年,国际儿童幸福促进会倡议建立儿童纪念日,英国、美国、日本等国积极响应,先后建立了自己国家的儿童节,英国规定每年的7月14日为儿童节,美国规定5月1日为儿童节。日本的儿童节很特殊,分男女儿童节,男儿童节5月5日、女儿童节3月3日。我国在 1931年也曾经规定4月4日为中国儿童节。9DhLearn chinese in shanghai,Learn mandarin, Mandaringarden
自从1949年确立6月1日为国际儿童节以后,世界各国纷纷废除原来的儿童节,而统一为“六一国际儿童节”。我国中央政府1949年12月宣布:以“六一国际儿童节”代替原来的“四四儿童节”,并规定少年儿童放假一天。 9DhLearn chinese in shanghai,Learn mandarin, Mandaringarden
Children's Day
Children, also known as "June 1 International Children's Day," the annual June 1, the world of children's festivals. November 1949, the Women's International Democratic Federation council meeting held in Moscow. China and other countries and representatives of countries and anger exposed the imperialist reactionaries kill and poison children. In order to protect the world's children to survival, health and education, to improve the lives of children. The meeting decided in the annual June 1 International Children's Day.9DhLearn chinese in shanghai,Learn mandarin, Mandaringarden
The International Children's Day (ICD) is celebrated in numerous countries, usually (but not always) on June 1 each year.9DhLearn chinese in shanghai,Learn mandarin, Mandaringarden
The ICD had its origin in the World Conference for the Wellbeing of Children in Geneva, Switzerland in 1925. It is not clear as to why June 1 was chosen as the ICD: one theory has it that the Chinese consul-general in San Francisco (USA) gathered a number of Chinese orphans to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival in 1925, which happened to be on June 1 that year, and also coincided with the conference in Geneva.gwdq.com 9DhLearn chinese in shanghai,Learn mandarin, Mandaringarden
June 1 has since been observed as the ICD by numerous countries, especially by Communist countries; in the Western world the ICD is usually celebrated on other days of the year (if at all), and the www.gwdq.com re is often little public awareness about these celebrations. (See the section on Germany below for further discussions.) Consequently there is sometimes a misperception that June 1 as the ICD was a Communist invention. Nonetheless, in recent years even some groups within the United States started observing the ICD on June 1.

 9DhLearn chinese in shanghai,Learn mandarin, Mandaringarden

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